Companion is a group consisted of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 16. The adolescents at these ages begin to consolidate their emerging values and beliefs. They start to formalize their own identity and group dynamic. The basic needs to love and be loved, to understand and be understood become the beginning for friendship and cooperation among the members. Thus, the cannery yellow scarf wore by the members symbolizes the sunrise of the youths before coming into their adult ages, and the manifestation of the heart, the opening of one's life to others. While the evangelized Jesus is still the primary spiritual mode, Saint Paul is adopted by the members as their inspiring patron figure. Like Saint Paul, who became Christ's zealous disciple after his spiritual lightning-conversion of the way to Damascus, the members constantly seek for God's will and conversion of hearts. In addition, the members are encouraged to familiarize with communal apostolates and to live out the spirit of charity and generosity. (Corinthian 13:1-13)


Scarf color : yellow (red strips for team leaders)


Age : 13-15 years old


Slogan : to conquer oneself