After the Companion ages, the youth starts to prepare their adult lives. They are invited to join the Knights of Eucharist which is a group consisted of youths and young adults as well as adults of all ages through stages. The 1st stage if "Khoi Nguon" for adolescents age 16-18 and the 2nd stage if "Xuat Hanh" for young adults age 18-25. They are operated under the same organizational structure as other divisions within the chapter. For older adults who want to continue the spirituality and the charism of Society, they will join community group, a brotherhood-gathering way of life. As unique individuals with specialized gifts and talents, each member is invited to discern individually and communally of God<s interaction through daily events in the local and global contact; and to correspond in action. The vocation of the group is to know God more clearly, to love God more intimately and to serve God more faithfully. Members of the Knights of Eucharist live the Eucharistic Day with 4 maxims : charity, unity, fraternity and service. Theses maxims are the extensions of prayer, Holy Communion, sacrifice and apostolic works.


Scarf color : brown (yellow strips for team leaders & red strips for over 18 years old)


Ages : 

Khơi Nguồn : 16-17 years old

Xuất Hành : 18-25 years old

Vào Đời : 25+ years old


Slogan : to engage