Youth Leader


Huynh Trưởng


Youth leaders are those individuals who went through the formation of the Movement from the Seedling to Companion group. They know the charism and spirituality of the Movement. After specialized periods of training, they are initiated to become leaders of the 4 former groups.


Scarf color : red with yellow strips

Age : 18 years old +

Slogan : serve the Lord






Chaplain Assistants


Trợ Tá


Help the priests, deacons & youth leaders to accomplish the mission of VEYS.


Scarf color : red with blue strips

Age : 18 years old +

Slogan : to serve






Youth Leader Trainer


Huấn Luyện Viên


Youth leaders with special formation to train other youth leaders.

Only achievable after Youth Leader level 3 & interviewed by priests.


Scarf color : purple with yellow strips

Age : 23 years old +