1. First prize bearing number: 8937 Claimed by Hoàng Trang of Toronto.Award completed
  2. Second prize bearing number: 6145 Claimed by Nguyen Dang Hoan of Toronto. Award completed
  3. Third prize bearing number: 7028 Claimed by Danny Luong of Toronto, Award completed

5 Consolation prizes bearing the following number:
  1. 2435  claimed by Huynh Tam of Vancouver, award completed
  2. 2708 Winnipeg to be claim
  3. 2714 Winnipeg to be claim
  4. 6163 Windsor to be claim
  5. 3504 Montreal to be claim

Last day to claim you prize will be on February 28, 2018
all unclaimed prizes will be pool into next year prizes to be draw and ward.
All prize claimant must hold and able to present actual winning tickets to validate the claim to be awarded.


  • The winning ticket holder sign, date, with name and email on the back of the ticket
  • Take photo both side of the winning ticket and send the photos to tnttcanada@gmail.com to claim the prize
  • The prize will be Etransfer to Doàn Trưởng to award to the winner
  • The winner send email to tnttcanada@gmail.com acknowledge the prize had awarded to the winner